Suburban NT-40 Furnace

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The 12V DC Suburban NT Series Furnace is a perfect example of how powerful a compact ducted furnace can be. This furnace features side and bottom duct output and gasket-sealed stainless steel vent assemblies. Easy-to-install, the Suburban Furnace makes an ideal replacement for obsolete competitive furnaces. • Provides maximum heating power for large RVs • Compact and powerful with low amp draws for ducted applications • Gasket-sealed stainless steel vent assembly included Specs

Dimensions: 12"W x 12.5"H x 23"D Weight: 40.1 lbs. Voltage: 12V DC Amp Draw: 4.5A Duct Outlet Size: 4" round side outlet or 10" x 3.25" bottom outlet BTU: 40,000

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