Suburban NT-34SP Furnace 34000 BTU 7.5 Amp Draw*



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The 12-volt DC Suburban NT Series furnaces, offered in capacities from 30,000 to 40,000 BTUH, are examples of how powerful a compact ducted furnace can be. Cabinet size is the same on all models, providing a standardized size with four capacity options.
NT Series furnaces, with side or bottom duct options, are easy to install and make an ideal replacement for obsolete competitive furnaces.

Proven Suburban NT Series Furnaces offer superior ducted heating and a uniform cabinet size for installation flexibility. All NT Series models feature:
Gasket-sealed vent assemblies.
Energy-saving solid state electronic ignition.
Steel gas manifolds.
Sealed forced-draft combustion.
Stainless Steel vent caps.
Wall thermostats available (sold separately)

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