Suburban 5094A SW6DEM*


$742.88 $808.25

This Suburban direct spark & electric water heater with motor aid is 6 gallons and includes a remote switch to control the water heater from inside your RV. It is porcelain-lined and features steel construction. The anode rod to absorbs electrolytic action, making sure your water heater will last longer. It boasts the fastest recovery in the industry, ensuring that you receive hot water at a faster rate. Copolymer insulation jackets keep the heat in and specially fit the tank. The 6 gallon direct spark water heaters are simple to install and easy to use, featuring 12,000 BTUs. Dimensions: 12-11/16"H x 12-11/16"W x 19-3/16"D. Cutout Dimensions: 12-3/4"H x 12-3/4"W

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