Progressive Dynamics PD52V Automatic Transfer Switch 240VAC 50A*

Progressive Dynamics



240 VAC 50-Amp Switch, AC Connectors: Screw-type wiring Terminals.

Our Automatic Transfer Switches are designed to provide a safe transfer of AC power from the generator to the RV distribution panel. This transfer disconnects Shore Power at the same time.

Automatically senses generator power and prevents two power sources from entering the AC Distribution Panel at the same time.

Heavy duty relays prevent contact damage during high current transfer operation.
Time delay circuit board ensures generator voltage is at proper level before transfer occurs.
Rugged, heavy-duty, screw-type wiring terminals ready to wire to contactor base. Ensure ease of wiring and prevents wiring errors.
Screw-type wiring terminals ensure ease of wiring and prevent wiring errors.
Easy to remove protective cover with wiring schematic mounted inside.

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