Norcold 621702 Refrigerator Part Heater AC 300W 120V*



This will work on model #'s: N1095, N1095BK, N1095IM, N1095IMBK, N1095IMSS, N1095SS, N1095WH, N1095V, N1095BKV, N1095IMV, N610, N611, N611F, N621, N621F, N623, N624, N640.3, N640.3F, N641, N641.3, N641.3F, N641BK, N641F, N641IM, N641IMF, N641SS, N641SSF, N641WH, N641IMBK, N641.3WH, N641IMSSF, N810, N811, N811F, N814F2, N811V, N821, N821F, N821V, N822, N822F, N824, N823, N841, N841.3, N841.3BK, N841.3F, N841.3SS, N841.3WH, N841BK, N841BK, N841BKV, N841F, N841IM, N841IMBK, N841IMF, N841IMSS, N841IMSSF, N841IMV, N841IMWH, N841SS, N841SSF, N842, N842F, N842IM, N842IMF, N842IMSS, N842IMSSF, N842SS, N842SSF, N843IM, N843IMF, N843IMSS, N843IMSSF

Model & Serial Number Breaks:
The following serial numbers are off of the cooling unit, not the inside of the refrigerator.

N81/N82/N84/N1095/608/618/68 & 98/918 Series:
For serial# 11232007 & below use 621702
For serial# 11232008 & above use 630811
N61/N62/606/616/66 & 96/916 Series:

For serial# 11231023 & below use 621702
For serial# 11231024 & above use 630811

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